Metawave Announces Army Funding for Autonomous Ground Systems

Jan. 5, 2023
At CES, the company also demonstrates its Marconi and Polaris beamforming/steering chips.

This video appeared in Microwaves & RF and has been published here with permission.

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David Maliniak sat down with Maha Achour, CEO of Metawave, who discussed the company’s beamforming and beamsteering chips as well as a U.S. Army contract to enhance its Carson radar platform to support off-road sensing.

The Marconi line enables players to build electronically steerable antenna arrays with phase controllers that have 0- to 360-degree phase-shifting capabilities using low dc bias voltage.

“Both the Marconi chip and the Polaris chip for first time ever at CES, first time ever in history, get to the 7-km range for aerial, 1-km range for ground transportation,” said Achour.

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