Edmund Optics offers kits for lab startup and replenishment

Nov. 17, 2017

Barrington, NJ. Edmund Optics has introduced three new kits that are integral to starting a brand new lab and keeping it stocked. Two Lab Starter Kits are available in English- and metric-based mounting versions; both feature essential products that are useful for any lab, from optics to detectors to cleaning and tools. The Lab Essentials Kit includes many components that are typically consumed in an optical lab or can be misplaced over time. Both the Lab Starter Kits and the Lab Essentials Kit are RoHS compliant.

The Lab Starter Kits provide 255 individual parts including a range of lenses, filters, and prisms mainly suited for the visible spectrum. The versatile Lab Starter Kits also contain two light sources: a white LED and a 640-nm Coherent High Performance Stingray Laser Diode module. Additional optomechanics and tools, such as stages, mounts, clamps, wrenches, and screw drivers as well as adapters that are compatible with the included optics, also come in the kit. A 2-channel power supply and VIS Si receiver module is also included.

The Lab Essentials Kit provides many items that are typically consumed or lost in an optical lab. The kit includes a variety of products including cleaning supplies, tools, and basic mounting components. Both English and metric components are included, making the Lab Essentials Kit a universal kit that fulfills the needs of most labs.



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