Lithium Batteries Take On Sleek Physique

Feb. 1, 2002

Targeting the ever space-conscious and power-hungry wireless device market, the Advanced Lithium Battery (ALB) line combines lithium polymer technology with the energy density of traditional lithium-ion batteries to reduce cell thickness to as low as 1 mm. This approach claims to also reduce battery swelling to less than 0.1 mm under the most extreme conditions and provides safety advantages over standard lithium-ion and polymer batteries including safe charging and discharging. The ALBs provide a 3.7V output and operate over temperatures ranging from -20ûC to 60ûC. They have a volumetric density of greater than 366 Wh/L and a gravimetric energy greater than 172 Wh/Kg. Five component and capacities are available: LAB363562 with a capacity of 680 to 750 mAh; LAB363456 with 580 to 640 mAh; LAB423456 with 700 to 770 mAh; LAB463051 with 630 to 690 mAh; and LAB483759 with 1,070 mAh. Dimensions vary for all five from a minimum length of 51 mm to a maximum of 62 mm. Price ranges from $5 to $7 each in volume. TOSHIBA AMERICA ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS, INC., San Jose, CA. (800) 879-4963, ext. 202.

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