Heat/Radiant Flux Sensors Tackle Industrial Apps

Feb. 1, 2002

Touted as one of the industry's only heat and radiant flux sensors designed for energy measurement across a surface, these sensors are said to be highly sensitive and easily miniaturizable with very low inertia. The sensor line includes conductive flux and radiant flux sensors, heating elements, and surface thermocouples. Custom made and ranging in size from a fraction of a square inch to more than 10 ft.2, these sensors are used for specific measurement applications in a wide range of industries. The heat flux sensors take the form of thin metallic plates, measuring the energy crossing their surface. The radiant flux sensors are sensitive only to energy transfer by radiation and are used in air conditioning systems to anticipate heat input from sunlight, for emissivity measurements, fire or intrusion detection systems, hot spot controls, and remote temperature measurements. CAPTEC, Villeneuve d'Ascq, France. (011-33) 3-20-41-30-32. Press office, Chicago, IL. (312) 222-1235.


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