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Chip Manages Energy Harvesting

June 23, 2010
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EnerChip Energy Processor

Cymbet’s EnerChip Energy Processor CBC915 is designed to handle multiple energy harvesting sources and funnel this energy to storage devices such as Cymbet’s EnerChip CBC050. The EnerChip EP CBC915’s Maximum Peak Power Tracking (MPPT) algorithm matches the transducer output impedance from one or more power sources for optimal capture of power to an EnerChip thin-film storage device. It can supply power to devices like microcontrollers that can communicate with the EnerChip Energy Processor (EP) to track power management. The EP intelligent power management manages all aspects of energy storage devices and peripherals including temperature compensation and system startup initialization sequence. The EP is available in a 38-pin thin-shrink small-outline package (TSSOP).


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