AnalogicTech Announces New High Current Charge Pump

March 30, 2006
Device Dramatically Simplifies Dual Flash/Movie Mode Designs

Sunnyvale, CA – March 27, 2006 – Advanced Analogic Technologies Incorporated (AnalogicTech), a developer of power management semiconductors for mobile consumer electronic devices, today announced the AAT3174, a high current, high efficiency charge pump for multi-function LED applications. This new device dramatically simplifies the design of applications supporting both flash and movie modes by allowing designers to control the LEDs via either AnalogicTech’s Simple Serial Controlä (S2Cwireä) interface or by the RSET pin. This unique capability also allows designers to support current levels as high as 800mA with an external resistor.

“A serial bus offers a powerful tool for driving LEDs, but it also requires that the designer take time to learn how to program it and develop a solution,” notes Kin Shum, Product Line Director for AnalogicTech. “Designers who want to quickly and easily develop a solution that supports both flash and movie mode operation can use the AAT3174 to move between the two modes using a simple on/off toggle switch.”

The AAT3174 also helps maximize power efficiency during extended torch mode operations by using a tri-mode charge pump which combines 1X, 1.5X, and 2X operation modes with an internal sensing circuit. This allows the AAT3174 to deliver power more efficiently than a simple voltage doubling (2X) charge pump.

Designed for small-footprint portable applications, the AAT3174 requires only four external capacitors (two 1µF flying capacitors and two small bypass capacitors on VIN and VOUT), plus a resistor to program the maximum regulated output current. The device also offers extensive protection circuitry, including a thermal management system which protects the AAT3174 in the event of a short-circuit condition at the output pin. In addition, integrated soft-start circuitry protects the device from excessive inrush current during start-up by disconnecting the load from VIN and reducing quiescent current to less than 1µA.

Price and Availability

Specified over the -40ºC to +85ºC temperature range, the AAT3174 is available in a Pb-free, 12-pin 3x3mm TDFN package. The device sells for $1.82 in 1000-unit quantities.

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