High-Efficiency LED Lamps Directly Replace Incandescent Bulbs

April 9, 2007
Featuring optical-grade epoxy and single-contact bases, the Series B3127 9-mm bayonet-based seven-LED-cluster lamps from LEDtronics are direct replacements for a range of dc and ac incandescent bulbs.

The Series B3127 9-mm bayonet-based seven-LED-cluster lamps are designed to be direct replacements for incandescent bulbs. The high-efficiency lamps from LEDtronics feature optical-grade epoxy, advanced LED technology, and single-contact bases. They replace 6MB, 44, 47, and 755 bulbs (5 and 6 V); 24MB bulbs (24 V); 313, 757, 1819, and 1829 bulbs (28 V); and 120MB and NE15H bulbs (120 V ac). They also come in a 130-V ac version. Colors available include 660-nm ultra red, 635-nm high-efficiency red, 590-nm ultra yellow, 585-nm high-efficiency yellow, and 565-nm high-efficiency green.

The lamps’ standard light-emitting angle is 50°, but custom viewing angles can also be ordered. The lamps draw between 8 mA and 75 mA. Their solid-state construction makes them well-suited for applications subject to vibration, shock, and environmental stress, which each reduce the life of incandescent bulbs. The LEDs feature almost instant turn-on and turn-off without transients and last 30 to 50 times longer than the incandescent bulbs they replace. They generate little or no heat, and their low-current, high-efficiency operation delivers power savings of 80% to 90%.

Prices for the Series B3127 lamps range from $10.50 to $12.50 each, depending on the model and LED color. Quantity discounts are available. Delivery is in four to six weeks. Samples are available for qualified customers. To check out a datasheet, go to www.ledtronics.com/ds/B3127.


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