Serial EEPROMs Simplify Internet-Connected Devices

July 10, 2012
Atmel Corporation has developed two families of Serial EEPROM Internet-connected products, the AT24MAC and AT24CS.
Atmel has developed two families of Serial EEPROMs that simplify the design and lower the cost of Internet-connected products, the AT24MAC and AT24CS. The AT24MAC series of devices provides pre-programmed MAC/EUI node identity addresses, alleviating the need for customers to maintain complex databases. The AT24CS series of devices includes factory-programmed, read-only serial numbers that purport to simplify inventory control of mass production lines and enhance product traceability. Both series can be used in many market segments including Internet-connected devices, consumer, industrial, medical, communications, lighting and home automation. The devices are drop-in compatible with the company's existing Serial EEPROMs. Offered in densities of 1-Kbit to 8-Kbit denoted by the AT24CS01, -02, -04 and -08 part numbers, samples of the AT24CS series, as well as the AT24MAC402 and AT24MAC602, are available in 8-lead SOIC and 8-lead TSSOP packages. The 8-lead SOIC AT24CS devices are priced at $0.20 to $0.25 each/5,000 depending on density, and the AT24MACs are $0.22 to $0.24 each/5,000.

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