New Li-Ion Batteries Promise To Make Mobile Products Smaller And Lighter

June 1, 2000

By using casings made from a laminate film rather than aluminum or steel as is presently done, these new prismatic lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are said to be considerably lighter and smaller than existing units. The Li-Ion battery cells are based on a proprietary manganese-spinel-cathode material that is said to offer a superior degree of safety against over-charging compared to exising cobalt-based cells. In addition, the batteries are available with integrated safety circuits to facilitate design processes. The new battery cells are aimed at application in mobile communications products, such as cell phones, wireless Internet devices and next-generation thin-form-factor PDAs, and are presently available in three versions: the IML270530-2, measuring 27 x 30 x 5.4 mm, weighing 8g, and having a capacity of 300 mAh; the IML270330-2, measuring 27.0 x 30 x 3.4 mm, weighing 5g, and having a 150-mAh capacity; and the IML350362-1, measuring 35 x 62 x 3.7 mm, weighing 15g, and offering a 580-mAh capacity.


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