Bluetooth Wireless Access Points Are Server Independent

May 1, 2001

The BlueGate family of network access points is claimed as the industry's first server-independent Bluetooth wireless access points to integrate point-to-multi-point and extended receiver range capabilities. The BlueGate 1000 development kit is operational out of the box and acts as a gateway for shared Internet access. It can create local hot spots of high-speed wireless connectivity that links as many as seven Bluetooth-enabled devices simultaneously and connects them to any standard broadband modem through an Ethernet interface.
Fully compliant with the current Bluetooth standard, the kit supports a wide range of off-the-shelf Bluetooth-enabled wireless devices, including PDAs, mobile phones, laptop and desktop computers, and web pads. Bundled features include BlueConnect module for the Handspring Visor and Bluetooth Protocol Software Suite for Windows.

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