Robot Takes Elevators to the Next Level

March 3, 2023
Aeolus’ aeo robot can open doors, ride elevators, and disinfect surfaces autonomously.

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Daniel Haddick, Director of Products a Aeolus, showed me the company's latest robot, aeo (see figure), in action (see video above). The demo highlights how aeo is able to disinfect areas using UV light built into its hand that can disinfect surfaces. It also opens doors, delivers items, and more. 

Each arm has seven degrees of freedom (DOF), allowing the robot to interact with more objects like doors. The standard configuration includes the UV light as one hand. This can address surfaces that might have COVID-19 or other viruses on them. Able to lift up to eight pounds, the cobot is designed to coexist with people. 

The system has a 360-degree, night-vision camera to check out its environment. It can stream live video to a remote location and provides two-way audio for security applications. 

Alexander Huang, Global CEO of Aeolus Robotics, says, "Our goal is to create robots that will enhance quality of life and advance the positive impact robots already have on society. Our first single-arm robot in 2018 pushed the state-of-the-art for what a robot assistant could achieve, but we wanted to do more. Our experience deploying robots in environments as diverse as senior care, hospitals, public transportation offices, and hotels led us to develop our dual-arm humanoid robot aeowhat we consider a truly capable, multifunctional service robot for real-world facilities."


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