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ADC Seeks Position In Medical Imaging Applications

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Targeting medical imaging applications, the ADS809 a/d converter features a high-bandwidth track/hold at 1 GHz, claimed to provide good spurious performance up to and beyond the Nyquist rate. The device accepts input ranges of 1 Vp-p and 2 Vp-p and can accept either differential or single-ended inputs.
Other features include a SNR of 65 dB and a SFDR of 68 dB with a 10 MHz input signal. An over-range flag indicates when the input signal has exceeded the converter’s full-scale range. This flag can also be used to reduce the gain of the front-end signal conditioning circuitry.
The clock input can accept a low-level differential sine or square wave as low as 0.5 Vp-p or a single-ended or differential clock signal. Available in a TQFP-48, price starts at $29.95 each/1,000.

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