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3.3V PC Card Connectors Broaden Mobile Designers’ Options

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With the addition of a series of PC Card connectors with 3.3V keying, designers of mobile and wireless systems have the choice of implementing either 3.3V or 5V buses in their system designs. The low-voltage, surface-mount headers are available in a single-slot configuration and can accommodate 3.3V Type I, II or III PC Cards.The need for low-voltage PC Card connectors has grown with the burgeoning applications in PDAs, Internet readers, cell phones, portable test equipment, and other wireless and mobile computing products. The connectors meet JEIDA and PCMCIA standards Version 4 and provide hot-plugging capability. They feature 0.050" x 0.050" contact spacing and a 0.5A dc rating. Available in a right-angle configuration, the connectors are offered in lightweight, SMT, inverse-mountable, elevated and low-profile types.

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