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CDMA Test Software Gets An Upgrade

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Version 2.1.1 of the company's CDMA automated test software (CATS-98A) provides complete testing of mobile receivers and transmitters as specified in IS-98A and J-STD-018. The software integrates the company's wireless impairment system with a base-station simulator for comprehensive, accurate tests of CDMA-based mobile phones.Enhancements to the new version include: easier test parameter editing to perform margin and parametric tests; Branch and Skip functions that allow users to control the sequence of tests performed in a test suite based on conditional results; and spectrum analysis plots of data for better visualization of test results. There's also an improved Microsoft Word-based report generator that formats data automatically from the software's internal Microsoft Access database or any ODBC-supporting database program.The software simplifies complex mobile-phone tests, including demodulation under additive white Gaussian noise. It's based on Windows NT and C++.

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