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Chip Thwarts Noise In Mobile Phones

Chip Thwarts Noise In Mobile Phones

Tromboned as the world’s first complete turn-key noise canceling solution for mobile phones, the WM2200 relies on Wolfson’s enhanced myZone ambient noise cancellation technology and category-defining features. These include transmit path noise cancellation, acoustic echo cancellation, wind noise rejection, and unique receive path active noise cancellation technology. All of these features combine to deliver dramatically improved crystal-clear voice calls, regardless of the environmental or background noise on both ends. Architecture agnostic, the WM2200 easily fits into existing phone designs with minimal design effort, utilizing existing voice microphones and capitalizing on the trend to increase the number of microphones in handsets. Sampling now, price for the WM2200 is $4.33 each/1,000. WOLFSON MICROELECTRONICS PLC, Edinburgh United Kingdom. +44 (0) 131 272 7000.

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