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DC Power-Supply Family Provides Eight Times More Power Than Predecessors

Agilent Technologies has introduced its N8700 series of dc power supplies. With capabilities identical to the N5700 series, the company says it has improved upon the older model with more than eight times the power density. This new series’ power density, at 5200 W in a 2U-high (2-EIA rack unit) package, also has PC-standard I/O with LAN (LXI-C), USB, and GPIB included.

According to Agilent Technologies, the N8700 series provides affordable, basic power capabilities that promote speed and simplicity in test-system developments for research & development, design-validation, and manufacturing engineers in such fields as aerospace and defense, automobile, component, and communications. In contrast with the N5700, the N8700 series has 21 new models of single-output programmable basic dc power supplies with a range of 3.3 kW to 5 kW.

Another benefit, says the company, is that the N8700 series allows clients to work with higher power levels and avoid a costly purchase. Some of the highlights of the product include stable output power, built-in voltage, and current measurement from 8 V to 600 V and 5.5 A to 400 A. The 21 power-supply models can also gain more flexibility if composed in parallel or series operation for increased output current or voltage. In models from 230-V single-phase to 400-V three-phase, it is possible as well to obtain flexible ac input voltage options.

Designed to simplify test-system development, says Agilent, the N8700 series power supplies volunteer a handful of system-ready features. Its 19-in. wide package without top or bottom air vents can be stacked easily with other instruments. Agilent also believes that since each model includes LAN (LXI-C), USB, and GPIB interfaces, engineers can connect to a PC in a quick, accessible, and inexpensive manner, which affords them added flexibility. In addition, by using a LAN interface from a Web browser, the N8700 series can be utilized and monitored remotely.

The models of the N8700 series are now available at $4690 for 3.3-kW models and $6100 for 5-kW models.

Agilent Technologies


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