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Flexible Strain Gage Boasts Of High Gage Factor

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The new LN-100 flexible, silicon strain gage features a gage factor of more than 100, but has the ease of handling comparable to conventional polyimide-backed metal foil strain gages. The device's increased sensitivity combined with its flexibility and durability make new applications possible, in addition to making existing applications such as load cells more robust. The new load cells can be implemented in weighing scales—everything from bathroom to truck scales—with the flexible strain gages also expected to find wide use in pressure sensors, wear sensors, and torsion and force sensors. More advanced applications include automobile occupant-detection, load sensing systems for commercial transport, and weight-based process and automation control systems. The device has a bend radius of less than 60 mils, so it can conform to regular surfaces. Designed as a high-sensitivity drop-in replacement for metal foil strain gages, the LN-100 is applied to load cells or other surfaces using the same adhesives and cure times as with metal foil gages. Nominal gage resistance is variable and set at the factory, with typical values ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 ohms. Using conventional room temperature adhesive, a gage factor of 85 is achievable, with gage factors as high as 110 achievable using a special installation procedure. The LN-100 unit price is typically $5.00 in quantities of 10,000, with a delivery time of 6 weeks.

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