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Gigabit Ethernet Module Measures Just 2.5 mm Thick

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Entering the communications market as a one-of-a-kind product, the Model GB4xxx-LP single-port, Gigabit Ethernet magnetics module measures only 2.5 mm thick. This translates into a space reduction of greater than 50% compared to prior Ethernet modules, which measure 5.7 mm. The component is offered as part of the company’s CoEv Magnetics/Transpower Technologies line of products. Suitable for use in 10/100/1,000 Gb applications, this low-profile module targets small mobile devices, such as laptop computers, tablet PCs, PC Cards, and docking stations. In addition to integrating four isolation transformers and four common-mode chokes, an option is available for four auto transformers. The modules are available in tube or on tape-and-reel packaging. TYCO ELECTRONICS, Menlo Park, CA. (888) 978-2638.

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