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Taking aim at mobile applications, a pair of fast-cycle DRAMs developed by Fujitsu Microelectronics America Inc. enables digital-camera video data streaming for 3G cellular phones. The MB82DBS02163C and '04163C, which come in 32- and 64-Mbit densities, respectively, are the first FCRAMs to incorporate a burst mode for both read and write operations. Both devices are organized with 16-bit interfaces, operate from a 1.65- to 1.95-V supply, and can run with a burst frequency of 66 MHz. Initial access times are 70 ns and clock access times are 12 ns, with a page access time of 20 ns. Active current is 30 mA, while standby current is just 80 µA for the 32-Mbit device and 120 µA for the 64-Mbit memory. In lots of 100,000 units, the 32-Mbit chip costs $7, while the 64-Mbit unit goes for $12. For more, go to www.fma.fujitsu.com/fcram.

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