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JVC Uses Compact Samsung Hard Drive In Camcorder

JVC has designed Samsung Electronics' Spinpoint A-Series 30 Gbyte hard drive into its Everio GZ-MG730, an ultra-compact hard drive camcorder. Samsung's hard drive is flash-sized, fitting into the widely adopted Compact Flash II-card form factor at 42.8 x 36.4 x 5 mm. It delivers up to 40-Gbytes capacity and is 60 percent smaller than the standard 1.8-inch hard disk drive (HDD) that was the only hard drive previously available in the camcorder market. The Spinpoint's size and density has enabled JVC to build a high-resolution digital camera function and high-density storage into its Everio G Series. "We designed the Spinpoint A1 hard drive to meet the surging capacity requirements from multimedia applications in increasingly smaller, mobile devices," TJ Lee, vice president of sales and marketing at Samsung Electronics’ Storage System Division, said in a statement. "We’re pleased to see JVC employ this new technology in their new, ultra compact Everio hard drive camcorder."

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