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MEMS RF Switch Designers Now Have 40-GHz Reference Platforms

MEMS software design tools are taking another step forward into the RF arena. Coventor Inc. of Cary, N.C., is offering a family of customizable low-power and low-loss RF MEMS switch design platforms for operation up to 40 GHz. Available in a variety of configurations, the platforms are available for licensing now.

With this new capability, RF switch designers can more easily integrate their products into mobile communications systems for increased transmission range, reduced power, a smaller footprint, and lower insertion loss, compared to traditional solid-state electronic switches. When used in mobile phones and short-range applications such as Bluetooth technology, RF switches designed with these reference platforms will enable the use of smaller batteries while yielding longer air time per battery charge.

These tools are designed for production manufacturing of RF switches made on common MEMS metal-based processes. They're also portable between foundries. Two initial family members include tools for single-pole/single-throw and single-pole/double-throw devices, for designs that use individual dice, chip-and-wire assembly, and space-saving eight-pin surface-mount packaging as small as 3 by 3 mm.

For more information, contact Coventor at (919)854-7500, fax (919) 854-7501, or www.coventor.com.

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