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Mobile Graphics Chip Supports Twin Data Rates

The SuperSavage is the latest successor in the Savage series of graphics processor chips for notebook computers. Launched by S3 Graphics, this discrete mobile graphics solution features 128-bit single data rate (SDR) and 64-bit double data rate (DDR) support with low power consumption.

This chip is based on S3's 143-MHz, 128-bit 3D engine. Offering up to 32 Mbytes of integrated frame buffer, it features hardware-accelerated DVD playback. It also supports 1600- by 1200-pixel quad-UXGA resolutions in true color. Single-pass multitexturing provides fast 3D rendering. Dual texturing units further accelerate 3D multitextured rendering. And, the SuperSavage supports AGP 4X and dual LCD panels.

According to S3, this graphics solution is manufactured using the latest geometry processes. Complete with self-gating clocks and software power control over active logic blocks and clocks, it provides low peak-power consumption. It also integrates a dual-channel low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) transmitter to support LCD resolutions up to UXGA levels. Enhanced fourth-generation DuoView+ is employed for single-chip Windows multimonitor support. TV-out support enhances the external large screen experience.

In 10,000-unit quantities, the SuperSavage MX costs $38 each. The SuperSavage IX, a version of the device with 8 Mbytes of integrated RAM, costs $58 in similar quantities. Both versions are now available.

S3 Graphics Inc., 2841 Mission College Blvd., P.O. Box 58058, Santa Clara, CA 95052-8058; (408) 588-8300; fax (408) 980-5444; Internet: www.s3graphics.com.

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