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Mobile Video Set To Take Off

A couple of months ago, at the Consumer Electronics Show, there was a definite buzz regarding the next generation of mobile devices, and it was due to improved video and web browsing capabilities. The buzz continued at 3GSM. I wasn't in Barcelona for the show, but I could hear the buzz clear across the ocean courtesy of a flood of press releases e-mailed to me.

Then, recently, I was watching my local 11:00 pm news and saw Jay DeDapper, a reporter for NBC News, explaining in detail how to download video content to a video iPod. The explanation contained screen shots, mouse clicks, the works—a real "how to." The content is exclusively political, such as speeches and interviews, and viewers can obtain it via the NBC web site and Apple's iTunes site. What better way to follow your favorite candidate all the way to election night 2008?

Naturally, this got me thinking about the video content available from EEPN. The only video content we currently offer on the EEPN site are links to engineering videos ( that appear on sites like YouTube. These cannot be viewed on mobile devices as far as I know.

I'm not sure how much the buzz has created a need/desire/craving for video on mobile devices just yet. But the next generation of these devices will certainly be more powerful than the current crop, and watching video and browsing the web will become much more prevalent, I'm sure.

I think it might be fun to create a product news show, perhaps a weekly wrap-up, done either exclusively by the EEPN staff or together with the industry leaders we talk to every day. And, of course, reporting from trade shows is a natural fit for video content. As for the mobile web, I think it would be great to be able to view the latest products, such as the ones we post to the web every day, on a cell phone. I do believe this kind of content delivery is ready to take off.

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