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Mobile/Notebook 1.1-V 750-MHz Processor USes Less Than 2 W

Featuring SpeedStep technology, Intel's latest mobile Pentium III processor runs at speeds of up to 750 MHz. This is a boost of 50 MHz more than the last processor to join the ranks of the Pentium III SpeedStep series. Similar to its other family members, this microprocessor combines Intel's SpeedStep technology with ultra-low-voltage technology. Made on a 0.18-µm process, the processor can operate from as little as 1.1 V. It averages less than 2 W of power consumption in the battery optimized mode.

SpeedStep technology can detect whether or not ac power is available. If not, it scales back the clock frequency to help users achieve the optimum balance between performance and battery savings. In addition, Intel's QuickStart technology can power down the processor to less than half a watt. It does so regardless of the application being used—even between keystrokes.

Like its predecessors, the latest processor is engineered to meet the performance, power, cooling, and size requirements of mobile PCs. Other features include a 100-MHz system bus, a 256-kbyte full-speed, advanced transfer cache, advanced system buffering, and streaming SIMD extensions.

Priced at $562 each in quantities of 1000, the Pentium III mobile processor 750 MHz is available now.

Intel Corp., 2200 Mission College Blvd., P.O. Box 58119, Santa Clara, CA 95052-8119; (800) 628-8686; Internet: www.intel.com/mobile.

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