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New Li-Ion Cells Bolster Rechargeable Battery Line

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The first two members of a new family of Prismatic lithium-ion cells have been added to the companyÕs already extensive line of rechargeable batteries. Model UBP543048 cell is 5.4 mm thick, weighs 16.5g, and has a rated capacity of 700 mAh. Model UBP563450, by contrast, is 5.6 mm thick, weighs 24g, and has a 920 mAh capacity. These two cells are slated for use in wireless and portable electronic products, such as mobile phones and PDAs. The company expects to add more cell sizes to the family over the next few months.In addition to Prismatic (rectangular shape) Li-Ion cells, the company will also begin adding a number of new cells to its Polymer line of rechargeable batteries. The first of the new Polymer cells scheduled to go commercial is the Model UBC385070, a 3.8-mm thick, 25g rechargeable battery having a rated capacity of 1,050 mAh. This cell size is said to be ideal for use in a wide variety of portable products, such as PDAs. For additional information and pricing, contact ULTRALIFE BATTERIES INC., Newark, NY. (315) 332-7100.

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