Electronic Design

Python: Essential Reference, 3rd Edition

By David M. BeazleyISBN: 0672328623

Python is a popular programming language originally developed as a scripting language for the Amoeba operating system. It has gained popularity by supporting sophisticated web-based solutions but it works equally well in embedded applications. Iron Python for .NET is a variation that is being used in the Microsoft Robotics Studio.

The book is effectively a language reference and introduction followed by extensive coverage of the major portions of the Python runtime library. If you like printed documentation and program in Python or are learning it then this will be a dog eared book on your shelf.

The format is the typical description and example presentation. It is easy to take examples and utilize variations in your own applications. The book targets the Python language in general rather than specific implementations such Jython (Python in Java).

Python runs on most hardware platforms, even Nokia mobile phones. Open source versions of Python are available from the Python Software Foundation (www.python.org) so it is easy to try out all the examples in the book. The book is suitable for learning Python if you have a background in any other programming language. It does not get into an extensive use of idioms or programming practices for Python because of its reference orientation.

If you are learning to program then look elsewhere. If you can program your way out of a paper bag in any other language then this book will be more than enough to get you started on the road to Python nirvana.

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