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RISC Family Doubles Predecessor's Performance

Doubling the system performance of the RM52xx family of processors to continue the firm's legacy of providing workstation-class, superscalar embedded processor performance at affordable prices, the RM52xx1 MIPS RISC µP family include the RM5231, RM5261 and RM5271. This family targets applications such as Internet terminals, advanced set-top boxes, network routers/switches/hubs, communications devices, xDSL modems, Windows-based terminals, thin servers, automobile navigation systems, printers and games. The RM52x1 family offers a maximum of 345 Dhrystone 2.1 MIPS. The 266-MHz, 64-bit MIPS RISC CPU has a high-performance 125-MHz memory interface capable of 1000 MB/s peak transfer rates. The family also uses a superscalar, instruction-issue architecture that increases processor efficiency for the CPU and overall system performance.

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