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Serial ATA Cables Come With Straight And Right-Angle Terminations

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A small form factor and low profile qualify the new Serial ATA cable assemblies for limited-space applications. The assemblies come in both straight and right-angle cable exit configurations and also boast of a low pin count using serial data transmission (i.e., 4 signal and 3 ground pins) and thin and flexible cables for easy routing and increased airflow. Combining the company’s connectors with Hitachi’s cables, the Serial ATA assemblies are suited for use as the data storage interface of desktop PCs, mobile PCs, set-top boxes, and entry servers, as well as for networked storage devices. The assemblies are available with 26 AWG and 30 AWG cables. For more information, contact Anchi Liu at CIRCUIT ASSEMBLY, Irvine, CA. (949) 855-7887.

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