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Signal Generator And Modulation Unit Analyzes W-CDMA Signals

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Generating test signals that comply with W-CDMA test specifications is the challenge met by the MG3672A digital modulation signal generator and MG0314A W-CDMA modulation unit. The test system is said to be well-suited for functional evaluations in the R&D and production of W-CDMA base stations and devices, as well as for performance evaluation of N-CDMA and TDMA mobile communication systems.Covering the 300-kHz to 2.75-GHz frequency range, the MG3672A can perform wideband analog and IQ modulation to 30 MHz. As many as four expansion units can be simultaneously installed in the main unit to support various TDMA/CDMA systems. One unit can be used to directly output test signals that comply with W-CDMA, as well as other communication system standards. IQ input from dc to 30 MHz is provided to support the expected future advent of wideband communication systems.

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