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Signaling Protocol Analyzer Keeps Close Tabs On Networks

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Said to provide up to four times the power of any other protocol analyzer on the market, the powerful K1205 signaling protocol analyzer is designed to accurately and quickly troubleshoot, maintain and manage wired and mobile networks. Providing an open architecture based on international standards, the K1205 instrument can simultaneously monitor up to 16 physical interfaces and up to 32 channels. It can also analyze- online or offline- the different layers of more than 100 communications protocols, including SS7, PCS1900, CDMA, NMT 900, ISDN-D, V5.x, DPNSS, and DASS2.Based on a modular mainframe with a VMEbus backplane, K1205 offers four measurement slots for test modules, including Primary Rate Monitoring (PRIMO) cards for T1 or E1 interfaces. It also offers an auto-configuration feature, the ability to record captured data for subsequent in-depth analysis, and direct TCP/IP capabilities for remote control and support for networking applications. The analyzer measures only 11.3" x 13.5" x 7.5" and weighs 22 lb. max.

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