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Smart Signal Conditioner Achieves 1% Accuracy In Sensors

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The MAX1459 is the latest member of the firm's sensor-signal conditioning line and can compensate for nonlinearities of piezoresistive transducers to better than 1% accuracy. The device also has an uncommitted op amp that can be configured to provide a 4- to 20-mA industrial interface or the diagnostic clip voltages commonly required by automobile manufacturers. The device can also compensate non-bulk, micromachined sensors, strain gauges, or similar resistive-based sensors.
The signal conditioner employs electronic trimming, eliminating much of the manual content of production, such as laser trimming. The manufacturing steps of pre-test, calibration, compensation and final test are consolidated to speed the production flow. The device features a complete analog signal path with integrated digital correction through four internal 12-bit d/a converters. Offered in 20-pin SSOP packages, the MAX1459 is priced starting at $2.95 each/1000.

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