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Optimi (www.optimi.com) announced its merger with TarTec (www.tartec.com). TarTec, based in Malaga, Spain, provides research engineering and advanced software products to the world's mobile carriers. The terms of the merger were not disclosed and are subject to final mutual agreements. The combined company will continue under the Optimi name.

Konarka Technologies, Inc. (www.konarkatech.com) announced that its European subsidiaries, Konarka Austria in Linz, Austria, and Konarka Technologies AG in Zug, Switzerland, have been selected to participate in a consortium of European photovoltaic-research agencies. The consortium of 13 technology, academic, and manufacturing partners from across Europe will collaborate on a 30-month project called Molecular Orientation, Low Band Gap, and New Hybrid Device Concepts for the Improvement of Flexible Organic Solar Cells (MOLYCELL). The MOLYCELL project will focus on the development of two types of photovoltaic devices: all-organic solar cells and nanocrystal/organic hybrid solar cells.

Elcoteq Network Corp. (www.elcoteq.com) will expand its operations to India this year. In doing so, Elcoteq will become the first EMS company that is offering manufacturing services to infrastructure and handset OEMs in India. The company will establish operations in Bangalore. That plant is expected to be operational within six to nine months. At that point, the plant will employ an estimated 1000 people.

Tokyo-based Taiyo Yuden Co. Ltd. (www.t-yuden.com) is increasing its support and service to customers in the northern and southern regions of China. The $30-million investment will optimize group production, marketing, and logistics capabilities; strengthen Taiyo Yuden corporate culture in its China operations; and raise levels of customer satisfaction. In southern China, Taiyo Yuden (Guang Dong) Co. Ltd. began mass production of high-capacity (0603-case-size) multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs). This month, the company heralds the operational start of Taiyo Yuden (Tianjin) Electronics Co. Ltd. This new manufacturing plant in northern China will be more than 322,000 ft.2 It will assume production of the company's wound chip inductors, axial-leaded inductors, and ferrite beads.

The global WLAN roaming platform WeRoam—a service offered by Swiss-based TOGEWAnet AG (www.weroam.com)—announced strategic partnerships with Surf and Sip, FatPort, and Concourse. In doing so, WeRoam has succeeded in adding three of the most renowned and successful Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) in North America to its group of partners. At the same time, it extended its WLAN roaming network by over 500 hot-spot locations.

Taiwan's Accton Technology Corp. (www.accton.com) established a new Product Development Center in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, U.K. It is beginning with a staff of 18, which will grow to 25 by the year's end. Accton intends to invest $15 million over the next three years to reinforce this R&D arm.

The Board of Directors of Plexus Corp. (www.plexus.com) approved an expenditure of approximately $12 million to expand the company's operations in Penang, Malaysia. The authorization includes the purchase of an existing 164,000-ft.2 facility and the initial outfitting of manufacturing equipment.

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