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South By Southwest Interactive Festival Is Socially Mobile

Although we failed to attend this year's South By Southwest (SXSW) Interactive festival in Austin, we thought we’d share a couple of interesting articles on the event.

The first was by Maureen Farrell of Forbes (who also wasn’t there). She writes about Mike Yavonditte and his 5-month old company Hashable, a mobile networking site. She says Hashable is becoming the darling or breakout company of this year’s event. Read the article at

The other is by Mike Swift of Silicon Valley He writes about Matthew Rosenberg, co-founder of New York-based Fast Society, a mobile service that allows groups of people to communicate simultaneously through a text-message-based system. Referring to entrepreneurs, Swift quotes the 28-year-old Rosenburg as saying, "We're the new rock stars." Read about Fast Society and other startups in Swift’s article at

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