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Test Suite Focuses On CDPD Networksw

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Capable of testing cellular digital packet data (CDPD) features on wireless modems and cellular handsets, a software test suite is available for use with the 2959 advanced multi-mode cellular test set. The suite allows users to test the CDPD performance of devices operating at 19.2 kb/s, as well as power levels and block error rates and protocol performance.
With the suite installed, the 2959's CDPD test mode simulates the functions of mobile data base stations (MDBS) and mobile data interactive systems (MD-IS). It also includes troubleshooting features for AMPS and TDMA (IS-136A) testing. The 2959 with the new software suite included is priced at $17,995. Option AC1081, an upgrade for existing 2959 users, costs $1,995 and users of MicroCell 100 test systems upgrade via option AC1082 for $4,995.

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