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Wireless Networking Available For Windows CE Devices

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New software drivers that allow mobile devices with the Microsoft Windows CE 2.0 operating system to be connected to the latest industry-compliant WaveLAN networks are now available. The WaveLAN/IEEE PC card enables mobile computer users to be connected to their enterprise networks for wireless, high-speed access to databases, e-mail, presentations and the Internet. WaveLAN can also wirelessly synchronize the CE devices with desktop computers. The system consists of a WavePOINT II access point that connects to an Ethernet network, WaveLAN/ISA cards for desktop computers, and WaveLAN PC cards for laptops and mobile devices. The technology provides improved resistance to echoes and RF interference, increased range, and interoperability among other 802.11 compliant WLAN products. The Windows CE drivers for the MIPS or SH3 processors are available as a free download.

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