Wireless Systems Design

0603-Size Inductors' Very High Q Cuts High-Frequency Losses

FDK Corp. has introduced the AML0603E series of multilayer chip inductors for high-frequency circuits and modules of mobile phones that require high Q factors to minimize losses. Compared to the conventional AML0603Q series, the AML0603E reduces loss by 20% to 30% in high-frequency bands, especially over 500 MHz. The chips were developed using simulation technology with computer-aided engineering, fine ceramic material technology, and multilayer process technology. The 0603-size (0.6- by 0.3- by 0.3-mm) series consists of 20 chips covering inductance values from 2 to 12 nH, the inductance range required for high-frequency products. Samples will be available in late October, with production scheduled for the end of 2006. Prices will vary due to order configuration and shipping destination. For further information, check out www.fdk.com.

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