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1200V SiC JFETs Implement Direct Drive Technology

PCIM 2012 Nuremberg, Germany: The CoolSiC 1200V SiC JFET family has dramatically lower switching losses compared to IGBTs, claims developer Infineon. The JFETs allow the use of higher switching frequencies without sacrificing overall system efficiency. As a result, much smaller passive components can be employed, resulting in smaller overall solution size, lower weight. and reduced system cost. Alternatively, a higher-output power solution also is possible within the same inverter housing.

To ensure that the normally on JFET technology is safe and easy to use, Infineon devised a concept dubbed “Direct Drive Technology.” Here, the JFET is combined with an external low-voltage MOSFET and a dedicated driver IC, which ensures safe system startup conditions as well as fast and controlled switching.

The CoolSiC JFET, with its monolithically integrated body diode, offers switching performance comparable to an external SiC Schottky barrier diode. This combination enhances efficiency, reliability, safety, and ease of use.

Samples of the CoolSiC JFET products, as well as the driver ICs, will be available in the second quarter of this year. First OEM ramp-ups are expected in the first half of 2013.

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