Wireless Systems Design

Addition To WiMAX Test Set Verifies Protocol Conformance

The IEEE 802.16e 2005 Protocol Conformance Test (PCT) Solution from Agilent Technologies, which is based on the company’s E6651A Mobile WiMAX Test Set, allows developers and test houses to validate protocol test cases to verify protocol implementations. The PCT capability was developed in conjunction with Innowireless Co., which has extensive experience with WiBro wireless systems in Korea. Using a PCT-equipped E6651A, developers can also fully stress the limits of their new designs by creating custom TTCN-3 test cases (based on the Tree and Tabular Combined Notation version 3 international standardized test language). Beginning in June, Agilent plans to support subscriber station testing for WiMAX profiles 1A and 3A. Base station test and other WiMAX profiles will be supported in subsequent releases.

The E6651A features the flexibility to configure a wide range of network parameters through an easy-to-use Windows XP user interface and high-speed, precision measurements. The instrument incorporates flexible base-station emulation, IP traffic support, and parametric measurements into one integrated unit. The Agilent IEEE 802.16e 2005 Protocol Conformance Test Solution for the E6651A will be available at mid-year. Pricing will depend on the specific system configuration and is available on request. To learn more, go to www.agilent.com/find/E6651A.

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