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AMD Offers Triple-Core Processor

Following the release of its quad-core processor Barcelona, AMD released the Phenom family of triple-core processors, which integrates three computational cores on a single die of silicon. AMD said the triple-core desktop processor expands AMD's portfolio of multi-core chips and is a way of offering multi-core processing to a broader audience. "With our advanced multi-core architecture, AMD is in a unique position to enable a wider range of premium desktop solutions, providing a smarter choice for customers and end users," Greg White, vice president and general manager of the Desktop Division for AMD, said in a statement. Typically, the number of cores doubles incrementally, from single-core to dual-core, and most recently quad-core, with eight cores expected as the next step. AMD, however, says there is room for a triple-core processor. It is aimed at more frugal audiences who want faster processing speeds but don't want to pay for the four-core chip, Barcelona.

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