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AMD Performance Library Goes Open-Source

AMD has open-sourced its Performance Library (APL) in order to ultimately speed development of media projects with improved routines dedicated to image and signal processing. The new library — Frameware version 1.0 — offers everything from simple arithmetic to aggressive internal threading features that manage sophisticated threading models to exploit multi-core and multiprocessor systems. It boasts over 3200 software routines that enable developers to create optimized multi-threaded applications for x86-class processor platforms. Developing applications that can fully exploit multi-core processor technology is challenging for software developers due to the demands of parallel programming, according to an AMD release. With optimized software routines provided by the open-source APL, developers can reduce a project’s software development complexity and reduce its time-to-market. "We believe that Framewave will quickly become a significant resource for developers, helping them to build faster, highly optimized and multi-threaded applications more efficiently," Earl Stahl, vice president of Software Development for AMD, said in a statement. Developers can download Framewave at framewave.sourceforge.net.

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