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Electronic Design

April 10, 2008

True Circuits offers a broad range of quality PLL and DLL IP that supports the latest high-speed interface standards.
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Engineering Feature · By Joe Desposito
Portable Media Keeps Playing And Playing And...

IC designers find innovative ways to extend battery life in portable media players and multimedia phones.

Technology Report · By Louis E. Frenzel
Invisible Links Revolutionize Industrial Communications

With wireless becoming more practical, secure, and reliable, you can throw the cost of wiring out the factory window.

Engineering Essentials · By Roger Allan
Success In Portable Video Starts With A Balanced Design

Designers of the latest multimedia marvels face a slew of seemingly conflicting requirements, such as size, resolution, and power.



Lab Bench · By William Wong
Using Your Own Products Can Yield Some New Solutions

Ideas For Design · By Chester Simpson, National Semiconductor
Fast Load Transient Tester Circuit Features Adjustable Slew Rate

Ideas For Design · By Bob Urman, Vapor Bus International
Unconventional Use Of An Output Driver Protects Current Monitor

Design Solution · By Oliver H. Bailey, Timelines Industries Inc.
Mixed-Signal Processors Can Aid Visual Robotic Development

Embedded In Electronic Design · By William Wong
It's Called Simulation

Embedded In Electronic Design · By William Wong
Full-Scale Simulation Means Analog And I/O


Leapfrog · By Louis E. Frenzel
Embedded Waveform Viewing Improves Signal Integrity Testing Without An Oscilloscope

Leapfrog · By Don Tuite
Power Over Ethernet-Plus PSE And PD Chips With Real Two-Event Classification Play Nicely Together

Digital · By Daniel Harris
SERDES IP Releases Tackle Top Speeds

EDA · By David Maliniak
Low-Power Methodology Guide Goes Online

Wireless · By Louis E. Frenzel
SiP Module Bridges Gap Between RF And Digital In Wireless Receivers


Editorial · By Joe Desposito
Who's Winning The Computer Virus War? Probably Not Us

Power Design · By Robin Sarah Tichy, Micro Power Electronics Inc.
You've Got High-Power Battery Questions, We've Got Answers

Pease Porridge · By Bob Pease
What's All This AMT Stuff, Anyhow? (Part 2)

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