Datel Proposes Sixteenth Brick Form Factor

March 13, 2003
While some are investigating the next migration toward the sixteenth brick, Mansfield, Mass. based Datel Inc. has already taken the first step in that
While some are investigating the next migration toward the sixteenth brick, Mansfield, Mass. based Datel Inc. has already taken the first step in that direction. The company has proposed a footprint and pin spacing to make this standard feasible and workable. In addition, Datel designers are exploring planar magnetics, miniature components and novel topologies to pack a high-performance dc-dc converter into the newest brick format that’s half the previous eighth brick size (see thefigure, below). Unique topologies and clever circuit techniques will be combined with planar magnetics to achieve the end goals, stated Datel's marketing manager Bob Leonard.
Essentially, for the sixteenth brick pin-out, Datel will cut the length in half, leaving the rows of pins 1 in. from each other, versus 2 in. for the quarter and the eighth bricks. Thus, as per Datel's proposal, the sixteenth brick form factor will now have a 1.3-in. overall length (0.15 in. from pin rows to edge of the p. c. board). The sixteenth brick width will be 0.9 in., thereby accommodating the existing 0.6-in. distance available in the existing quarter and eighth brick pins width-wise, as well as the 0.15 in. to the edge of p. c. board. In short, the sixteenth brick format offers a 1.3-in. length and 0.9-in. width, for both through-hole and surface-mount versions. Datel intends to deliver 33W to 50W power in this format, with output voltages in the 0.9V to 5V. In fact, the maker is considering solutions for 12V and 48V applications. The quad input range for the 12V line will be 9V to 36V, while the 48V versions will offer 36V to 75V input range.

For more information visit Datel Inc., Mansfield, Mass., at

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