Power Electronics Conference Addresses Impending Challenges For Designers

Oct. 22, 2003
On November 2-6, 2003, at the Power Electronics Technology Exhibition & Conference at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, Calif., power electronics
On November 2-6, 2003, at the Power Electronics Technology Exhibition & Conference at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, Calif., power electronics designers, manufacturers and integrators will get a firsthand view of the current and forthcoming trends in magnetics, passives, power management devices, power supplies, power protection techniques, and other power-related solutions for motor drives and motion control applications. In essence, some 15 technical tracks with a total of 60 technical papers, along with 11 professional advancement courses and a few poster sessions, will cover topics from designing power supplies with DSPs to innovations in motor drive control. Plus, a few will shed light on techniques to confront challenges of designing power solutions for next-generation microprocessors and ASICs at voltages below 1V with currents approaching over 100A, along with higher demands on regulation and load transients.

Aside from technical sessions and professional courses, there will be over 200 exhibitors to unwrap new products and technologies that will spark new trends in the industry, as well as offer new ways of solving present and future problems. On the semiconductor front, for instance, suppliers like ABB Semiconductors, Allegro MicroSystems, Central Semiconductor, DALSA Semiconductor, Fuji Semiconductor, International Rectifier, Infineon Technologies, Intersil, IXYS, Philips Semiconductors, Power Integrations, Powerex, Powersemi, SanRex Corp., Semikron, STMicroelectronics, Supertex, Taiwan Semiconductor and Toshiba will showcase their latest power ICs, modules and discretes to enable designers to raise the performance bar on existing power products, while providing fodder for future solutions. Similarly, a vast number of power component suppliers will display advances in magnetics, passives, power protection devices and interconnect systems to simplify the design and development of myriad power supplies and motion control solutions.

Speaking of power protection, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) makers such as MGE UPS Systems and Active Power will shed light on battery-free solutions. MGE UPS Systems, for example, will demonstrate the first viable fuel cell-based UPS. The Costa Mesa, Calif.-based company will address the decaying utility infrastructure reliability while examining the economic, facility and environmental considerations that have now positioned fuel cells as a viable and cost-effective alternative to generator-based systems and battery banks. Together with Canada’s Ballard Power Systems, MGE will discuss the pros and cons of fuel cell vs. battery-backed UPS solutions. Moreover, they will show that fuel cell-based UPS offers a more compact, reliable, environmentally friendly, lower maintenance solution with an extended-run time to keep business and critical processes up and running during power blackouts that continue to plague the nation. Likewise, Active Power, an Austin, Texas-based maker of battery-free power quality products, will demonstrate its new generation flywheel technology to deliver critical power protection for mid-range applications.

Two renowned experts in the power electronics industry will enlighten the attendees on emerging system level challenges. In the first keynote address, “Are You Ready for the Future”, Trey Burns, vice president of worldwide technology at Artesyn Technologies, will explore the tools, skills and technologies needed to continue to deliver optimum power solutions in the near future. International Rectifier’s CEO Alex Lidow will speak on systems approach to power design. In his keynote talk, entitled “Systems Approach to Solving Challenges in DC-DC Technology,” Lidow will explain why a holistic systems approach is required, from ac mains to final point-of-load, to deliver the increased performance at lower cost with shorter design cycles.

Finally, National Semiconductor’s analog guru Bob Pease and colleague Wanda Garrett will demonstrate the benefits of online power design tools in a seminar titled “Power Platitudes vs. The Real World”. In this seminar, Pease and Garrett will show engineers how to quickly fix bad designs using online simulations tools. Plus, it will offer an opportunity for old and new engineers to come face to face with the world recognized analog expert Pease.

The Power Electronics Technology Exhibition & Conference is part of PowerSystems World, and will be co-located with Power Quality Exhibition & Conference. For details, call (800) 927-5007 or visit www.powersystems.com.

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