December 2003 Issue of PETech

Jan. 8, 2004
The December issue of PETech includes our yearly Buyers Guide, which is designed to help you meet your design and purchasing needs for the upcoming year. It's the most comprehensive directory and reference for locating products and services in the electronic's industry.

Also in December, Martin Freyberg of SEMIKRON International tells how a new platform is making IGBT modules flexible and user-friendly. Be sure to catch Jim McCoskey's (Reynolds Industries Inc.) article, Reliability Design Guide for High-Voltage Capacitors, which clarifies misconceptions of high-voltage mica capacitors, thereby avoiding unnecessary derating and saving valuable space and volume. In his article, Designing Bead Inductor for Multiphase Systems, Pulse's Majid Dadafshar gives an overview of the ac fringing field and its effect on designing bead inductors.

In addition, don't miss PETech Editor Ashok Bindra's take on key power trends for the next five years, the new products section—featuring some of the industry's hottest innovations—or the Product of the Month department.

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