Rectifiers in Unique Packaging Boast High Efficiency, Small Size

Oct. 12, 2005
International Rectifier has introduced four new FlipKY Schottky diodes that are smaller and more efficient than typical industry-standard Schottky devices.

International Rectifier (IR) has introduced four new FlipKY Schottky diodes that are smaller and more efficient than typical industry-standard Schottky devices. Offered in space-saving chip-scale packages (CSP), these new 0.5-A and 1.0-A devices are suitable for handheld, portable equipment. Applications include current steering, ORing, boost and freewheeling circuits. The 30-V IR0530CSP and 40-V IR05H40CSP are 0.5-A devices housed in a compact three-bump, CSP that occupies only 1.1 mm² of board space with a profile of less than 0.6 mm. Compared to industry-standard SOD-123-packaged Schottky diodes, the new 0.5-A FlipKY devices occupy 80% less board space and operate up to 40% cooler. The 30-V IR130CSP and 40-V IR1H40CSP are 1-A BGA devices, occupying only 2.3 mm² of board space—or about one-third of the area consumed by a JEDEC DO-216AA package—yet deliver similar electrical and thermal performance. The table summarizes the electrical and thermal properties of these devices.

IR’s FlipKY chip-scale packaging technology eliminates the leadframe, epoxy and mold compound traditionally used in other device packages, and provides all electrical connections on one side of the silicon. This design not only minimizes board space and device profile, but also reduces parasitic inductance. In high-frequency switching applications, such as boost converters for LCD displays or LED drives, less parasitic inductance reduces voltage spikes and switching noise, which improves electrical efficiency and reduces EMI. The large bumps of the new 0.5-A devices like the IR05H40CSP also serve as efficient heat conduction paths to the PCB, enabling cooler operation than traditional leadframe devices. In addition, the packaging technology enables the parts to be assembled with standard SMT techniques.

The new FlipKY devices are priced in 10,000-unit quantities at $0.17 each for the IR0530CSP and IR05H40CSP, and $0.25 each for the IR130CSP and IR1H40CSP. Lead-free versions are available, designated by the suffix PbF.

Part Number IF(AV)(A) VRMM(V) VF max@125°C (V) IR max @ 25°C (uA) TJ Range (°C)
IR0530CSP 0.5 30 0.33 50 -55 to 150
IR05H40CSP 0.5 40 0.42 10 -55 to 150
IR130CSP 1.0 30 0.33 100 -55 to 150
IR1H40CSP 1.0 40 0.42 10 -55 to 150

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