High-efficiency Transformers for 150-kHz Bridge Converter Applications

Oct. 19, 2005
Tabtronics has announced the HXTH01260, an off-the-shelf bridge converter transformer, which utilizes the company's Hyper-X Magnetic Technology.

Tabtronics has announced an off-the-shelf bridge converter transformer, called the HXTH01260, which utilizes the company’s Hyper-X Magnetic Technology. This component can deliver in excess of 99% efficiency while delivering 12 V at 60 A from a 400-Vdc input. For a nominal 400-Vdc input through an H bridge switching configuration, the transformer uses full wave center-tapped rectification to provide a 12-Vdc output while operating at a duty cycle of approximately 62.5%.

Key parameters include a primary-to-secondary and winding-to-core dielectric strength of 2500-Vrms. Other features include a primary resistance of 0.055 Ω and a secondary resistance of 0.7 mΩ. The leakage inductance is 1.5 mH at 150 kHz, and the self-resonant frequency is 500 kHz minimum.

The component is housed in a compact PQ32/30 package and features thick tinned-copper terminations for the high current center-tapped secondary. These foil terminations can be changed to accommodate unique interface requirements. The footprint is 42.40 mm × 33.66 mm maximum with a maximum height of 33.00 mm. The package is lead-free and RoHS-compliant. Consult Tabtronics for availability and pricing.


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