High efficiency motors buck economic trends

Aug. 20, 2009
Overall sales are down but NEMA Premium models are up at motor maker Baldor Electric.

Efficiency mandates seem to be having an impact on the bottom line of motor manufacturers. One indication of the trend: At NEMA Premium motor maker Baldor Electric Co., overall motor sales this year are down 20%, but sales of NEMA Premium models are up 25%.

So says Baldor Electric Marketing Vice President Randy Breaux. In comments to a group of trade press editors at Penton Media Inc. (parent company of EE&T Magazine), Breaux also said Baldor also expects "crush to credit" legislation now making its way through Congress to boost energy efficient motor use. The proposed Bill will provide a $25/horsepower incentive to companies that replace electric motors with energy efficient versions. Equally important, says Breaux, are provisions that would give distributors of the energy efficient models $5/horsepower for each energy efficient model they sell as a replacement for energy hogging motors.

The DoE also recently put out information on some work Baldor is doing in energy efficiency:


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