Smartphone apps that help save energy

March 1, 2011
App determines building energy efficiency Designed for the iPhone, the B3E application stands for Building Energy Efficiency Evaluation. This software

App determines building energy efficiency

Designed for the iPhone, the B3E application stands for “Building Energy Efficiency Evaluation.” This software registers the energy efficiency of an existing building's automated systems. The app user must select the type of energy supply as well as the building automation installed (or to be installed) during individual program steps. Progressing through these steps lets the app user gauge the energy efficiency of the existing building automation (from a worst-case “D” to a best-case “A”), as well as, the efficiency grade of future building automation plans. The software calculates potential savings based on these grades, the type of building, current energy prices, and energy consumption rates. Download free at the Apple iTunes store.

Social app encourages energy-saving habits

A free iPhone app called JouleBug is a new game that gives players practical, easy-to-implement tips for saving energy in the real world. Developers describe the app as “a reality based, casually social game that rewards users with points, pins, and badges for learning and practicing energy-saving habits in their day-to-day lives.” Users can link JouleBug to their Facebook and Twitter accounts to share and play with friends, as well as link it to their power company accounts; the game will then create a graph showing energy savings over time. The game's founders estimate that a family who spends $2,000 a year on energy could save an average of $300 by developing better energy habits by playing the game. The app's goal is to help players consume less energy and save money without too much effort. Download it free at the iTunes store.

Android app calculates energy savings

The Energy Savings Calculator from developer Bruce Wayne attempts to answer the simple question, “Why should I make energy efficiency improvements to my home?” One word: Money. Fill in both your old and new appliance values in the app's corresponding fields and learn how much money you could save per week, month, and year. Also determine how many months it will take to recoup your investment. Download the app free from market.

Light bulb replacement app suits homes and buildings

A new Android app — LiteFaire by Datafaire LLC — is a free, quick, and simple savings calculator for replacing both household and building light bulbs. Homeowners, real estate professionals, engineers, and lighting professionals can assess a home's lighting with three levels of detail displaying both whole-house and room-by-room calculations. LiteFaire is also suitable for professional use in deploying more energy-efficient building lighting. Developers report that the application will be frequently upgraded to include a greater database of mainstream residential light bulbs and lighting technologies, and will have various features implemented, including a light bulb shopping list. Download it free from

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