Renesas Transfers High-Power Amplifier Business To Murata

Aug. 15, 2011

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: A basic agreement between Murata Manufacturing and Renesas Electronics paves the way for Renesas’ high-power amplifier (HPA) business and its manufacturing site, the Nagano Device Division (Komoro, Nagano) of Renesas Eastern Japan Semiconductor to transfer to Murata Manufacturing. The companies expect to complete the transaction by January 1, 2012.

Murata Manufacturing has been examining measures to promote the integration of front-end modules (FEMs), such as in power amplifiers, and to expand its business. From Renesas Electronics’ standpoint, it’s been studying ways to respond to the demand for a one-stop module that incorporates a FEM. Renesas provides power-amplifier modules to the mobile-handset makers without RF filters and switches.

The mobile-phone market is experiencing a growing trend toward using module and platform solutions that integrate basic communication functions in a single device. In particular, demand continues to grow for modules that incorporate HPAs with RF components, such as filters and switches.


Renesas Electronics


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