June 21, 2007

June 21, 2007
Games Flourish In A Parallel Universe
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New Webcast Advances in Mixed Signal Testing presented by LeCroy and Electronic Design FEATURES COVER STORY/ENGINEERING FEATURE · William Wong Games Flourish In A Parallel Universe Multicore processors accelerate games if developers can take advantage of the features and live with the limitations. TECHNOLOGY REPORT · David Maliniak Design Reuse Comes Down To Collaboration Four experts portray an industry rallying around emerging IP standards and formats.
DEPARTMENTS ENGINEERING ESSENTIALS · Daniel Harris Architecting New Dimensions Of Medical Imaging Technology like image fusion in 4D scans is paving the way to improved diagnostic accuracy, generating ethical and architectural concerns for the engineer. DESIGN VIEW · Triton Hurd and Ray Casey, Cypress Semiconductor Upgrade To High-Speed USB Handsets Without A Complete Redesign Migrating to high-speed USB in stages can reduce the risks associated with completely redesigning a handset's USB subsystem. EMBEDDED IN ELECTRONIC DESIGN · Microformats: People First, Machines Second · My Little RTOS · RTOS Targets FPGA Soft Cores · Suite combines RTOS And Development Tools · RTOS Takes Advantage Of Intel's Latest Virtualization Technology IDEAS FOR DESIGN Clamping Circuit Lowers Distortion, Improves Overdrive Recovery Time · John Ardizzoni, Analog Devices Inc. Create RS-485 Adapter To Convert Data Lines From Full- To Half-Duplex · Massimo Caprioli, Maxim Integrated Products
THE INDUSTRY · Kristina Fiore Researchers Take Silicon Out For A Spin ANALOG & POWER · Don Tuite Zombies And Energy Harvesting EDA · David Maliniak IP-Metadata Standard Gains Automatic Register Mapping DIGITAL · Daniel Harris Technologies Keep Your Cycles On-Time And Accurate WIRELESS · Louis E. Frenzel Third UWB Method Solves The Home Networking Problem COLUMNS EDITORIAL · Mark David Can Gaming's Powerful Pull Get Kids Into Engineering? PEASE PORRIDGE · Bob Pease What's All This VBE Stuff, Anyhow? POINT OF VIEW · Matthew Papakipos, PeakStream The Explosion Of Multicores: Use Software To Level The Playing Field

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